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Co - Founder

Jeff has broad experiences cutting across both the fields of Education, and Sport.  After 15 years as a professor in higher education, Jeff left the university environment to pursue his passion for Sport -- coaching, coaching education, youth sport organizational leadership, sport and performance psychology. The Center for Positive Youth Development in Sports represents Jeff's desire to bring together the lessons of many years of experience -- teaching, coaching, building effective teams, leadership, creating powerful team cultures, and supporting both players in coaches on their individual journeys of growth, development and, most importantly, finding joy in sport and physical activity.


Co - Founder

Dave has more than 10 years of experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of youth health programs. These programs have addressed a range of health topics, including food and nutrition, physical activity, substance use, social-emotional learning, and trauma. Additionally, Dave has worked as public school teacher and afterschool instructor in New York City and has been coaching youth soccer throughout his adult life. The Center for Positive Youth Development in Sports represents a synergistic intersection of Dave’s work in youth health programming and his own experiences with sport. Research demonstrates that positive experiences in sport can improve kids’ physical, mental, and social health, and Dave hopes that the work of the Center for Positive Youth Development in Sports can make those benefits more accessible to all kids.

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