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What we do

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For Coaches:  Individual and small group guidance regarding developing team culture, team resilience, and a mastery learning environment for your teams that supports players' development and performance on and off the field.

For Athletes:  Mental strength is as important to your performance as physical strength.  In one-on-one or small group settings, learn techniques and strategies to grow your confidence, maintain mental clarity under pressure, and improve your performance in both training and competition.

Mental performance tools
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Positive Youth Development
Teaching coaches strategies to build environments that focus on skill building, confidence, connection, and character that transfer from sport to life.

Trauma-Informed Coaching Practices

Teaching coaches how the brain works, develops, changes, and is impacted by developmental adversity, including trauma, in order to build supportive relationships with youth and increase engagement and performance.

Coaching PD
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Receive guidance on developing team climates that are based on the principles
of Positive Youth Development -- building mastery learning environments, providing effective feedback, developing player autonomy, and linking skills developed
in the sporting environment to athletes'
every day lives.

PYD Program Design
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We can provide programmatic assessment
of your environment -- do your policies and practices match the principles of positive
youth development? Are coaches implementing brain-based and developmentally appropriate methods of instruction? In what ways can you shape your organization to deliver curriculum and experiences that best support player
and team development?  Are your coaches developing skills in young people that will transfer to their lives outside of sport?

PYD Assessment
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